Hilton Homeplace History

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B.R. had been using a small room at the back of the homeplace which had originally been the kitchen, to display and sale his pottery. Around 2004 B.R saw that he need more space and easier  access for his customers. There was an ideal size building located in the ideal spot on the property. The building had served the Hilton family for many years as a chicken house and later as a storage area for unused item from the house and farm.  B.R. cleaned out the chicken house, installed windows, lighting,  and a leaded glass door on the front of it to welcome his customers. B.R. refers to his gallery as “The Chicken House”.

B.R. works hard trying to keep the inventory up in his gallery. This is very hard to do all year due to large sales at his shows. The best selection can be found at his sale on the 2nd Saturday in October. Inventory will drop after this sale and B.R. will be hard at work for the next few months getting special orders done and restocking the gallery. 

The Gallery is open most every day year round.